No kratom bars near you? We’ve got you covered

No kratom bars near you? We’ve got you covered

Kratom bars and kava lounges have increased in popularity. They offer a great place to enjoy kratom drinks, kava and other botanical beverages, but these alcohol alternative bars aren’t always easily accessible (sometimes hours away from one’s home). If you're searching for kratom bars near me and can't find any or would rather stay in, SIP has you covered! Experience the tastiest and highest quality kratom products in the comfort of your your living room, the beach… anywhere!

What Do Kratom and Kava Lounges Near You Offer?

Kava and kratom bars provide a chill atmosphere to enjoy the mood-boosting benefits of mind altering plants. As the name suggests, these venues typically serve kava and kratom drinks. For those who wish to get out of the house and socialize without drinking alcohol,  kratom/kava lounges are a great choice. As is the case with traditional bars and coffee houses, a variety of drink preparations are available.

Kratom Lounge Pros 

  • Social atmosphere 
  • Relaxing environment 

Kratom Bar Cons

  • Expensive
  • Requires driving (before and after ingesting kratom)
  • Typically, the bar doesn't provide lab results for their kratom extracts
  • Sometimes very far away from home

Kratom Recipe

Want to mirror the kava bar experience even more? We'll soon be sharing some scrumptious recipes for the most delicious kratom drinks you’ve ever had.

Are Kratom Lounges Right For You?

You can avoid these drawbacks of a kratom bars by ordering from an online retailer who provides third-party lab results. 

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